Women of the week

After several weeks of listening to my professor fangirl over “Ferdinand de Saussure and his amazing work”, quoting several passages of his books, essays, texts and maybe even diary excerpts (by heart of course), excitedly telling us how greatly he influenced linguistics and happily blushing every time a student answered a question correctly, (with a Saussure reference duh) i decided it might be better to use his lecture time to blog.

This week I really felt like writing about something relevant to current situations in the world, hence, I decided to make a list about women who I consider “My women of the week”.

Firstly, Arin Mirkan, a kurdish fighter who killed at least 27 ISIS members by a suicide bombing near Kobané. Arin was trying to defend the town against a group of Islamic State fighters in Syria. Knowing that many ISIS fighters rape, force-marry and kill women (and children) that are captured by them, she detonated a bomb and ran towards a group of ISIS fighters. She is being celebrated by many Kurds and also non-Kurds all around the world.
The mother of two children is hailed a heroine for her strong will, determination and her sacrifice. I cannot believe what choice this woman had to make; deciding in a matter of minutes, seconds even, to take your own life because life in ISIS capture would inevitably be worse, shows great emotional strength and also desperation that I wish no one had to feel and go through. I celebrate you, Arin. Thank you for your service, may you rest in peace and not be forgotten.

Secondly, Laci Green, for speaking up against sexual abuse and sexual harassment. After a video of sexual harassment in public was uploaded by the famous youtuber Sam Pepper, she was one of the first ones to speak up on twitter and addressed him in an open letter, which many youtubers signed. After a huge backlash Sam uploaded another video, this time sexually harassing men and then a third video, where he explained that it was all a social experiment. I call bullshit and so did many others. The topic of sexual abuse in the youtube community resurfaced again with bigger force this time and several women spoke up against Sam Pepper who repeatedly sexually harassed women and there’s even a report on rape. Laci was one of the leading figures in the whole discussion, she openly spoke about sexual abuse/harassment on Channel 4 and she constantly tweeted and made aware of the problem(s). Thank you Laci Green. I applaud you for not just standing up for yourself but also for every other woman in this world.

I’m disgusted by the fact that Sam Pepper is still allowed on Youtube and Twitter. I admit I once was a fan of him, I liked some of his videos, I met him last April and thought he was really nice, but looks like I was very wrong.
You will probably never read this, Sam, but if you do: here’s a message from a disappointed EX-fan: Go fuck yourself, asshole!

Last but not least on my “Women of the week” list: my lovely girls from University and my non-Uni friends that spend their evenings talking to me and making me laugh. Y’all don’t know how beautiful and amazing you are. Each and every one of you is special in your own ways and I might not be too good with feelings and words but I appreciate our talks and adventures a lot. Also, in my opinion you deserve the world. Seriously!
Thank you so much for everything, ladies! I love you lots. xx