A woman’s journey of a thousand miles…

A woman’s journey of a thousand miles…

That’s it. I did it. I officially applied for the most amazing student job ever: a round-the-world trip.

I’d get the chance to travel the world for 4 weeks this summer and blog/vlog about my adventures.

First I had to put together a plan of my whole trip.I decided that if i get the opportunity I’d first visit Israel. I’d fly into Tel-Aviv and of course travel to Jerusalem to see the historic parts of the city. The next destination would be Madagaskar. It’s not a country a lot of people visit but I heard and read a few very interesting things about that island in the Indian Ocean and I believe it’s worth a visit. My next stop would be Singapore. I’ve been there once for 2 days when I was 4 years old. Of course I don’t remember but my parents still mention it sometimes and I believe I’d really like it because the culture is very different from the western culture I live in.
Since I’m a surfer my next stop would be Honolulu, Hawaii. I heard a lot of amazing things about Hawaii and friends who I used to surf with always recommended it. My next destination would be Guatemala. I decided to visit Guatemala because I wanted to have one location on my trip where I can use my Spanish and I’d definitely like to visit the Tikal National Park.
After Guatemala I’d be heading up north to Washington D.C., capitol of the United States of America. Also I’d like to visit the state Virginia, since I’m named after it. My last stop before heading back to Zurich, Switzerland is Toronto where I want to indulge in the Canadian politeness and probably also visit the Niagara Falls.

Israel – Madagaskar – Singapore – Hawaii – Washington D.C./Virginia – Toronto

It would (literally) mean the world to me if you took the time to vote for me on everyglobe.com. My trip is called “A woman’s journey of a thousand miles…” and it’s very easy to vote for me : just click on the link, then click vote, enter your email address and then you’ll receive a confirmation email from everyglobe which you’ll have to confirm and then the vote counts.

A big thank you to those who help me live my dream


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